Posts made in October, 2013

Walking in Victory

by Andrew  A few weeks ago, as I got out of my car, I was greeted by two of our kids waiting expectantly on the pavement of the parking lot next to #20. Now, I thought it was sweet that they were waiting for me to get to the PEACE Program, and I loved the hugs that they showered upon me. But, I quickly realized that the end goal of their affection, the prize they had set their hearts on, was not...

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Better Together

by Larissa There’s this kindergartener. She’s about three and a half feet tall with wild ringlets. Creamy complexion. Big, dark brown eyes. She’s beautiful, lively, and rambunctious. And very practiced in the art of tantrum-throwing… We were in the middle of transitioning from homework time to snack time, which meant that several kids were anxiously waiting for instructions. And when I say...

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