Good Work, Great Play

By Amy A.

We took a four-week-long break between the end of this year’s afterschool program and the start of the summer program. It was much needed, especially since PEACE is no one’s full-time job, and we needed to attend to other parts of our lives, like going places, making money, and dreaming—literally and figuratively.

During the break, I did a lot of talking about PEACE. Talking about vision, talking about needs, talking about what you can do to help. I talked with new volunteers and their parents, with church leaders who care for me personally and for PEACE on an administrative level. The team and I brainstormed until the last possible moment about how to structure the summer program… and did eventually emerge with just the right idea.

Talking about PEACE was one thing, one important thing. Now that summer is in full swing, we’re doing less talking about the theoretical and more of my favorite thing to do—doing.

Really doing. No smoke and mirrors—just pushing kids on swings, eating lunch, meeting parents, singing loudly, and sweating profusely in our building with a temporarily broken AC unit.

And? Anything else? Why, yes. Gladjya asked.

Breaking in a great bunch of brand new volunteers…

Photo Jun 02, 6 07 15 PM











…and this one up-and-coming coordinator!

Photo Apr 21, 11 16 19 AM








Photo Jun 02, 7 08 36 PM





See her coordinating?







Assembling our very own library…

Photo Jun 10, 1 39 31 PM

… Not a couch wedged in the program’s noisiest corner, not rickety shelves that we try to prevent the kids from approaching too enthusiastically—a real, live library, a whole room. Its components came together from all over the place, once again demonstrating the generosity of our God.

Photo Jun 08, 2 05 22 PM


Now that we have enough shelves to really make it feel like a library, though, our shortage of books is conspicuous.

(Hint, hint, everyone…)



Photo Jun 08, 2 20 02 PM

I know you’re wondering… It says “Creative Corner.”



Plundering church storage and filling all the rooms with sufficient furniture to make each one strategically functional within the program.

This is the little kids’ room!



Blowing bubbles

Photo Jun 10, 1 36 40 PM

Giving each other manicures

Photo Jun 10, 1 37 49 PM

Girls only!

                                                                      Playing dough

Photo Jun 17, 1 14 36 PM












Batting practice

Photo Jun 10, 1 46 50 PM  Photo Jun 10, 1 47 04 PM

Planting gardens with new friends… and spoons.

Photo Jun 19, 1 01 41 PM

Getting painted at the carnival

Photo Jun 26, 1 09 45 PMPhoto Jun 26, 1 14 22 PM

Or I guess you could paint yourself just as well…

Photo Jun 19, 1 45 27 PM












In other news, water balloon tosses!

Photo Jun 26, 1 29 36 PM


Sneaking up on big people with water balloons…

Photo Jun 26, 1 41 28 PM

…and an all-out water fight!

Photo Jun 26, 1 41 16 PM

We also do a lot of sitting on the floor… in front of fans.

Photo Jun 26, 1 20 03 PM

We hold out hope for the speedy recovery of our air conditioner!

So, basically, it’s good to be at PEACE again, good to be doing. And the thing that makes these good is being in Jesus, getting to be where He is, doing what He does, loving whom He loves. He is the One who makes the talking, sweat, and tears worth it. Whenever He comes down to #20 and feeds us and plays with us, that is just the greatest.

“God does both the making and saving. He creates each of us by Christ Jesus to join him in the work he does, the good work he has gotten ready for us to do, work we had better be doing.”

(Ephesians 2:10 THE MESSAGE)


  1. Hey guys, love how the library is coming along! Remind me what age readers you have at Peace?

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