By Amy F.
The PEACE Program was “born” in January of 2010, so this month marks our 7th birthday. Perhaps “7th anniversary” or “seven years since founding” would technically be more correct to say since it is, after all, a program and not a person. Yet, thanks to the constant adventure that being a part of this team has been, PEACE does seem alive to me, and that’s why I call January “our birthday.”
Our birthday.
It’s your celebration too, if your are a member of the scores of people who over the years have made PEACE’s mission your own–who have prayed, donated, volunteered, followed our not-so-periodical blog. Virtual cake and trick candles for everyone who has spread the word that parents have options for making sure their kids are safe and nurtured after school. Throw some confetti (in your own house) for a community that takes care of its own and scholarships families who otherwise couldn’t afford afterschool care. A raucous song and round of applause for the all parents and grandparents who have trusted us with your brilliant, hilarious, lovable kiddos, and who have welcomed us with open arms into your neighborhood.
Seven years down. Of exhilarating discovery, hard-won lessons, treasured teamwork, sacrificed time, financial risk, spiritual reward. Of working, playing, and laughing harder than we knew was possible.
 This is a win for all of us who love our community and feel a responsibility to better it, who believe in the power of education, and perhaps even more in the power of hope, and of faith, and of course most of all, of love. Love got us started, and Love is what will keep us going.
Here’s to another seven.
And many more.