Our Sweepstakes

by Amy B.

We were dancing through Walmart like we’d won a sweepstakes. We were clutching the carefully saved cash in a tattered envelope.  “Let’s spruce up our place!” we proclaimed, referring affectionately to our #20. Some nails and a hammer meant things were actually going up on the walls. After almost a year of being in our new building, nails in the walls somehow meant we were really settling in. We were hanging frames and putting up pictures. We were making each room our home.

A survey of our space had shown that the Homework Room was particularly in need of some help. The single ill-fitting curtain, the crumpled blue piece of fabric we used for a rug, and the drab walls didn’t exactly inspire, especially if you were a sixth grader struggling with algebra. “Let’s get a lamp!” we exclaimed, as we skipped though Walmart. And it’s not just any lamp; it’s one with bright colors that inspire smiles.  “Oh, and some clocks!” we decided.  Even though they’re not the fanciest ones, they do tell the time with a little sparkle. “A sale on teacher supplies?” we could hardly believe it. Subtraction flashcards were only a dollar!

If I told you the amount of cash in that little envelope that caused us to skip and sing, you would probably laugh. It might not seem like much to you, but it was enough to make us dance around with cleaning rags because of the life we were bringing to our space. That’s one of the things the Peace Program has taught me. It doesn’t matter if you have a budget of 10 dollars or 10,000 dollars; grace still comes. Light still penetrates darkness. Chaos still turns into peace. And a little is enough to be thankful for.

Through that little envelope, God revealed His faithfulness, and when we opened the next day, the kids saw it in our eyes. We excitedly steered each one of them to our newly renovated Homework Room. “Close your eyes,” I’d tell them, as I guided their arms to the doorway. “Now, open!” I’d proclaim with a flourish. And they saw what I saw: something being made new, life and color, instead of darkness and gloom. They were looking at the room, but I was looking into their faces, and there I saw the faithfulness of God.

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