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Inspiring Learning Space for Aspiring Learners Fundraiser

Homework. Love it or hate it, we all had to endure it. Pages of math facts, lists of spelling words, “creative’ cutting and gluing to create a science project, they helped make us into the learners we are today.

To successfully complete this homework, we all know that it takes brainpower and determination, but there are also a few other critical elements. To ace a page of addition facts, a child doesn’t just need math skills. She needs a pencil to write with, a sturdy table to work on, a stable chair to sit in, a working light to see the page, and a quiet environment free of loud distractions. It doesn’t hurt to have a tutor in the chair beside her, encouraging her as she succeeds and helping her when she gets stuck.

For the kids we serve in the Peace Program, the biggest challenge to completing their homework at home is not usually the homework itself. It is the table, the chair, the pencil, or the light. It is hard to learn without a learning space that inspires. We aim to fix that.

At Peace, we have been putting our learning spaces to good use. We have been filling our chairs with learners and our tables with homework for seven years now, but they are starting to show their age.

We need your help to increase the magic in our learning spaces. Donating to this fund will allow us to upgrade to even more kid-friendly, learning-inspiring pieces that can stand up to many more years of science projects, math facts, and mini miracles.

Healthy Snacks

For Growing Kids Fundraiser

“Well, this will be the first time I’ve tried carrots.”  I was astonished when the pre-teen sitting in front of me uttered this line. How could he live twelve years of life and never eat a carrot!  This is where the Peace Program’s Healthy Snacks commitment was born.

Every day after school, the Peace Program serves healthy snack options to children from low income families as part of our wider tutoring and after-school mentoring program. When we started working with these kids, several well meaning adults advised us to stock up on snacks loaded with sugar or salt because they figured kids wouldn’t eat anything else. This myth was broken profoundly at one of the program’s first Christmas parties when the kids were more excited about the tray full of new exotic fruits (like cantaloupe, strawberries, and pineapple) than they were about the big chocolate cake.

Food also brings people together. Snack time at the Peace Program is the only time many of our kids get to sit around a table and be listened to. They can share with our Peace mentors the highs and the lows of their week, their dreams, and their funny stories. The quality of the food in front of them as they talk serves as a reminder that we value that time around the table with them as much as they do.

The challenge is that healthy foods can be expensive. This is where you can help! Join us as a sponsor of our healthy snacks initiative. Your donation creates time around a table for a kid at Peace and it might just buy the first kiwi, cantaloupe, or carrot that little kid has ever tried!





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